Black Swan

Ok, so i didnt have time to take new photos today but i did find these old ones from last year which i still love! I tried it on one night while i was getting ready to go clubbing but didnt end up wearing it, but i did take a few cheeky photos. Quite a cheap outfit this one, a total of around £45. The bralet top is £5 from primark and its been a great buy for me, I wore it so much last summer! its nice becuase its not too tight and it also helps towards the name of my outfit as it has little swans printed on it. I love bralet tops; starting to get quite a collection now too. The skirt i also love and bought in three colours from H&M in black, grey and hot pink, five tiers of netting and a silk lining so its not itchy inside, its light and flowy and looks super cute. The shoes i wear so often, they are my most comfortable heels from some cheap shop in lakeside, years ago. They are kinda like the exact right height to fit my foot if that makes sence. My nails are done in blue Minx which looks amazing on fingers or toes, its like having blue tin foil on your nails. Very coool.

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