Another sunny day

Jeans - Motel 
Top - Asos
Shoes - Aldo (My Mums haahaha)
Purse - Pauls Boutique
Wow this is getting exciting! Two sunny days in a row.. who'd have thought haha i hope this carrys on, it means i get to wear all my nice clothes and not have a huge coat over the top of everything. Great oppotunity to wear my amazing MOTEL rainbow fade jeans! These are the coolest jeans i have ever laid my eyes on! and like my other pair of Jordan jeans from motel they are really comfotable, and really a standout piece. Everytime i wear them (which has been loads considering how bright they are) i get so many complements, be it during the day or on a night out in london. The drunk guys on the train especially loved them when i was on the way back from YOURMUMSHOUSE! (its a night at soho club PUNK) Its so good there! i love it, the music is just my taste.. its kinda electro pop moombaton, Deffo check it out if your around! Everyone is so crazy but its really interesting, its a great place to be.


  1. You pull these off so well! I don't think I'd even attempt it! xx


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