Hippie Chick

I had to go back to work today, after the amazing weekend that i just spent sitting in the garden, lazing around all day in a t-shirt it was horrible getting two trains into central london to sit in an office all day. Not. nice. But its done for today and tomorow is my day off so less complaining and more posting photos.

This dress is my mums and from what she tells its kinda oldish.. does that count as vintage? im not a great fan of vintage or charity shops, i just dont like the feeling that someone else that i dont know has worn it before. Anyway its really comfortable and flowy and im a big fan of black and white patterns becasue they are so contrasty, so i took that off her!
The hairband is from primark, im not sure why i have it becuase its not really somthing id wear, i cant even remember if i bought it for a joke or not. 

A friend of mine says she thinks i dress hippy-ish all the time but im not sure about that.. what do you guys think?

Yes that is a toy tractor im sitting on haha my brothers used to take turns in sitting on it and having the other one push it into a bush.. they are still weird. Currently, after a long day of baking cookie togehter (hahaha), they are playing hide and seek which is fine.. except they are 13 and 15.

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