Nazila Love Glamour

Today i finally got my mum to do my gel manicure, shes actually a professional nail technition, which is great for me when i can persuade her to do mine! For those of you who dont know, gel goes on like nail polish, then is set and can stay looking new and chip free for up to three weeks. My mum uses and works at and Nazila love glamour. They sell amazing gel polish's! Unlike all the other gels around at the moment, they have a huge range of over 180 different colours, including a new neon range and a range of around 18 glitter encrusted colours that look like your hands have been painted with coloured diamonds. Along with all the normal colours they also have a few shimmery one for a more understated but still statement look! if you have your nails done you should deffiantly check them out! and Lucky me, Seeing as my mum works for Nazila i even got oneof the Gels named after me! Gel 099 - Georgie Porgie

This is gel number 17 called 'Current'

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  1. They look AMAZING! Never even heard of this brand..!


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