Amy Childs At Lipsy

Today I went shopping with my mum, we started off in lakeside, moved on to bluewater where we met Amy Childs and then moved back to lakeside. (she decided she did want that bag after all) A few weeks ago i won a competiton with Lipsy to meet Amy in store today and a few goodies, Great :) I was asked to wear lipsy if possible so this was a great oppotunity to wear my crop top from them, which i dont get much chance to wear with shorts and flip flops, nice, cool and comfortable.

When me and my mum arrived we met with Steffi (she was arranging the whole thing for us) and went inside with the 2 other competition winners, I was given a bag of Amy merchendise and met with Amy herself. She is amazing, very elegant, graceful, pretty and very friendly! We had a quick chat and then she signed some of my things, had a few photos and that was that! It was a great experince and I would like to thank Lipsy and Steffi for allowing me to be part of it!

Amy looked great in her range of dresses for lipsy, Check them out here!

Here is a collection of some very frantic and badly taken photos from my phone


  1. great shorts!

  2. aha, my brother has a massive crush on Amy, he definitely watched BB when she was on it! I really like her range, and your top is lovely :) x

    1. aww cute :) she is really lovley/ and thankyuo

  3. I've met her too she's so lovely isn't she! COngrats for winning girl!
    Antonia <3


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