FASHION: Cami Top, Shorts and Black Birkenstocks

The weather today has been amazing! Andrew, Molly and I have been sitting out in it all day in my  garden which has been a really nice way to spend the day! I woke up at Andrews this morning after spending the day there yesterday watching football and eating pizza with all the guys - we wanted to do something nice with our day today since I was so bored yesterday haha.

We decided to buy a load of food on the way back to mine and sit and eat out in my newly finished garden! We now have the table and umbrella set up on the decking so were just about finished! Andrew bought so much chicken, I got some olives and bits and pieces to eat it with and lots of mango juice which is my new love! After that, the ice cream man drove past the house as he does every day so we got ice cream tooooo, now I'm writing this thinking about what I'm going to eat for dinner since my parents are our and I want something yummy, always hungry haha

For the first time this year, I was actually hot and happy to wear shorts and a crop top without worrying about being too cold! Although I did get my hoodie out a couple of hours later haha I also got to wear one of my two brand new pairs of Birkenstocks, the way those things mold to your feet is just so comfy!
Sorry about the quality of these photos, I though my SLR had died (I was not happy) but then I realised it was just a dead battery - phew. 
Cami -Topshop
Shorts - Primark
Birkenstocks* - Universal Textiles
Ray Bans* - Sunglasses Shop
Leopard Kimono* - Missguided

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