LIFESTYLE: Two Tone Roses From Appleyard London

Today, I have another new bunch of flowers to show you! This is becoming a bit of a regular thing here haha. Since January this year, I've had a new bunch one after the other, I don't think I ever want to go back to not having them in my bedroom! I just love them, they smell lovely, make me think of summer and they really brighten up the place, especially these ones.

My favourite thing about these, was that I haven't really ever seen any that look like them before. They are a pretty two tone rose from coral pink to a peachy colour. Another thing that I was really pleased with was the size of each rose - each one was lovely, big and supple!

Appleyard have a whole collection of amazing coloured roses. I love the shape of roses but sometimes they are too romantic and it'd feel a bit odd getting red roses any time other than valentines - but these are completely different, they are still pretty rose flowers but with a summer vibe rather than a romantic one!

Flowers* - Appleyard London


  1. Wowzers, these are so beautiful <3

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