LIFESTYLE: The Shake Shack, Covent Garden

I always hear so much about the shake shack but before this week, I never had a chance to go down there. As you might have noticed, Andrew and I go out to eat quiiiteee alot so it's shocking that we haven't been yet! 

Well luckily for me, The Shake Shack team got in touch and invited me down to their Covent garden restaurant to try their two new dishes! They wont be there for long - just over a week - so you better rush down if you want to try them and trust me, you do!

I arrived at 2.30 and went to meet James and Nipull! They were both so friendly and helpful, they both really added to my overall experience there!

Apparently I just missed the lunch rush but it's crazy, this place was so busy, Covent garden always is! I love how there's so much going on and so much to see, it's the kind of place Andrew and I could spend all afternoon in sitting around, eating and people watching, we love people watching!

I was expecting just to be trying the two new dishes - a Corndog and the new "concrete" but I ended up trying so much more, I was totally stuffed by the end of it haha

So lets get started, my first tray arrived and it smelt so good! 
First off we had chips, amazing thick cut, ridgey chips covered in a gooey cheese sauce! It was like the cinema cheese sauce that you get on top of nachos, definiely more of a cheese sauce than an cheese. oh myy it was so good! That's where I started - picking at the chips while I tweeted about how amazing they were.
 Next, I moved on to the new corndog - I wanted to approach it in the most lady like way possible, which is quite a hard task hah luckily James had already though ahead on this one and brought me a knife and fork. I can be seen twisting and pulling at the stick, trying to remove it so that the knife and ford actually work haha, it was much easier to not make a fool of myself once I had got rid of that.

The corndog was a super new thing for me, you always see them in kids cartoons but I've never had one before so it was quite an exciting new thing to try! It came with a cold spicy relish which was just a little too spicy for me but ketchup was the perfect replacement, super yummy! - I think it's sold as a side but it was quite big and very flavourful, I would have been happy with it as a main!
Now for the burger, it was the only thing from the menu that I had tried in the past and it was just as good as I remembered it! I was so pleased I got to try another one! Its big and juicy and I loved that it looked like a cartoon burger, big green lettuce and a bright red tomatoe - yummy, I love all that stuff in a burger! I couldn't wait to start and sat there getting burger sauce all over my face. No shame! It was so good.
After I finished the burger and still had half a corndog and chips left I made James take the tray away otherwise I would have sat there all day just eating it until there was nothing left to eat - a bad habit of mine! If any food is left in front of me, it wont be there for long!
Next up was dessert, The the new blueberry pie oh my concrete which is the other dish which is only around for a limited time - James then offered me a milkshake to go with my concrete, like I was going to refuse that haha he told me that caramel was his favourite flavour so that what I went for , lets just say - good call James, it was so good! Super thick and tasted of creamy, fudgy caramel. I would have come to the shake shack for one of those alone! A definitely favourite! Once I had waited for it to melt a little it was much easier to drink!! mmmm
Now time to try this crazy concrete?! I had no idea what to expect but when it arrived I got the whole concrete concept, it looked like ice cream but it was so super thick - it was super yummy too but there was no way I was going to get though the whole thing. Big chunks of blueberry pie mixed into the and of course I  picked out all the pie and ate that haha and tried to get into the ice cream but it was just too thick for me! 

Blueberry pie is another totally American thing that I had never eaten before as well! 
And that brings an end to my meal at The Shake Shack.
 Huge thanks to the guys for having me down and looking after me so well!
 I enjoyed everything that I tried and will definitely be making a trip back with Andrew asap!


  1. I need to go the Shake Shack! I got to London a few times a year and every time I pop into covent Garden and lust over the gorgeous burgers and milkshakes the people in the Shake Shack are eating. Always put off by that huge que though xxx

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