WISHLIST: Missguided Swimwear

Woo, I'm going on holiday in just over a month, and this weather is making me so excited.  I'm really looking forward to being able to relax with Andrew and my family! We're going on a cruise around the mediterranean for two weeks. Hopefully there'll be lots of sun so obviously this is a great excuse for me to go shopping, especially for some new swimwear! 

Missguided have caught my eye with their newly released one pieces, they are so different and unique and I love that rather than a pattern, they are all printed with images, and images of food at that! Even better.

Over the past few years I wouldn't even consider wearing a one piece, I just love bikinis too much but these are really making me think twice. They have such fun designs on them, I just want them all and as always Missguided are quite reasonable with the prices, they are all £15 each.

Not only do they have these wonderful onepieces but now they are stocking amazing bikinis too! If you saw my collective bikini post you will have seen one from Missguided there! I love a good old simple plain colour bikini. 

Talking of simple, I have a Missguided special update for you!

Sweet Deal is an all-new collection of fashion basics at budget-conscious prices, ranging from just £2.99 through to only £9.99. From easy-to-wear mini and maxi dresses, to must-have leggings, soft cotton tops and much more. Sweet Deal has all your stylish wardrobe staples but at up to 50% less than Missguided’s standard price tag.

How amazing does that sound?! How can it even get cheaper? I just had a quick look and ended up buying myself another midi from there. Since having my ipad I haven't stopped with the online shopping. It's becoming addictive haha I suppose with Missguided it's not too much of a problem as it was only £7 including postage and I'm sure ill get as much wear out of it as my last one!

Do you love Missguided as much as I do?

Do you have an advice for my online shopping addiction?  Help

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  2. these are amazing! Also I love your title image! x


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