HAUL: First Week Of July

Just wanted to check in with you guys and show you all the lovely stuff that I've bought and been given over the last week. Today, Me and Andrew finally got a chance to go shopping so we popped down the lakeside for the morning and retuned to my house to find the camera crew outside filming TOWIE haha. Did you see my house in the last epidsode? If you look really closely you can see my bathroom window and there were also two whole trees from my driveway in clear view, my claim to fame you know haha.

Anyway, today I spent most of my money on Andrew buying him clothes for his birthday which was in January, we just haven't had time to buy his presents yet. I got him three pairs of shorts for our holiday next month so that's a start!

If you follow my Twitter and instagram, you will know that on Tuesday night, he turned up at my house with a bunch of flowers and a Topshop gift card, which was a lovely suprise, so I spent that today and am so pleased with what I got!
 Firstly I got a brigth green cami which is super cute and makes a change in shape from my normal crops. It's going to be lovely for those hot days when you want somthing that isnt too clingly.
Next up, I got the biggest bargain ever! It's beautiful black and white Jones and Jones dress for £10 in the sale. Amazing, I'm so pleased with that! It's nice to buy a classy dress once in a while.
After that we popped into primark for some flip flops, they're always so comfortable and at £1.50 each it would be rude not to! I also love that they have glitter in them. Sparkle sparkle.
That's all i picked up today but i also wanted to show you a few bloggery bits. Im not going to give too much away for the jujus and sunglasses are a part of a holiday project ive got going on, which I will tell you all about very soon!
Also this body cream I picked up at an event during the week and it smells so good, I've always loved the smell of oranges and this has a super strong scent! It's from Sranrom.
Full blog posts to come on everything but I thought I'd just show you what I've been doing and spending my money on.

Do you guys enjoy these kind of haul blog posts? I hope so, I've done a few now and was just wondering what you think of them! 

Let me know!

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  1. I want those juju shoes! So bad!
    So the cami top.

  2. waaaant the jelly shoes! so cool, love the green cami too xx

  3. haha your house is on towie! ace
    love love love them juju shoes and the cami top x


  4. I love haul posts >.< I always find it really interesting to see what the other bloggers are actually buying themselves! Those sun glasses look amazing by the way! Can't wait for your holiday post :D

  5. I love haul posts, and I especially like this one! It's so colourful, and you have wonderful taste! Also, love those trousers you're wearing in your 'about' picture, where are they from? :D xx

  6. I love your black and white dress - gorgeous x

  7. love the colour of those jujus


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