Yesterday, it was super hot in Essex, so I took my ipad and blogged from the garden with Molly.  It was so lovely to be outside, in the warm sumshine but poor Molly must have been boiling, she has so much hair, or should i say had! The doggy hairdresser came round and chopped it all off, I've gotta get some good photos but you wont even recognise her! At leaset she'll be more comfortable over the next few weeks, as so far this summer she had to make do with sitting in a bush to keep cool hahah 
Anyway, all this heat has got me thinking about my holdiday and with the arrival of my much awaited white bikini (that I have been searching for, for weeks) I thought a bikini collection post might be nice for today!

This first one is the one that arrived this morning from Missguided and as I said, I have been searching for a plain white bikini everywhere! They have just brought out a selection on simple colour bikinis which you can mix and match. This was great for me as I have to get 4 sizes bigger on the top half when buying bikinis. It's selling for around £20 so not bad! Be sure to check out Missguided's swimwear range this summer as you ha the most amazing printed one pieces on sale right now! (Got another post about them waiting in my drafts - coming soon)
Next up is my favourite one from last year. Andrew bought it for me in River Island and I love how girly it is with its flowers on the strap. It was quite expensive as I remember, I think it was something like £35. 
Another favourite from last year is my flourescent green one from Forever 21. They had loads of plain coloured ones last year so maybe I should have bought a few more at £8 each! 
The next two sets share a bikini bottom. I got them from New Look and love how I can wear black bottoms with any bikini top but these two were bought specially to go with it! The blue top was also from New Look, a few years ago when everybody was wearing frilly bikinis. The purple top is one of the only structured ones that I own and it's perfect for things like foam partys as it keeps everything where it's meant to be! It's a beautiful colour and I got it from ASOS for £5 last year. 
I've only got one swimsuit type piece from Next. My mum bought this for me years ago on one of our lakeside trips for £30. I like to wear this one with some tiny denim shorts and I love the sparkly diamond detail, they have all stayed attached for over two years now, so obviously Next are very good quality. 
And this last one is a bit of the Essex side of me. Since I first saw these on TOWIE and then walked a catwalk for the woman who designed the very exact ones worn on the show I had to get myself one! This came from ebay. 
I'm still looking for a few more to add to my collection as I'm away for two weeks which means I have enoguh time for 14 different bikinis if I wanted!!

Let me know if you know of any good swimwear pieces for me to check out!!

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  1. Love those bikinis! Especially the last one :-)

    There is giveaway going live on my blog in half an hour for Shabby Apple, a lovely vintage/retro shop if you are interested :-)

  2. the last one is amazing! Have you ever worn that out? Great collection :)

  3. The red one is gorgeous.



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