OOTD: Super Cute Shorts Set

Tonights post was meant to be a quick one but has ended up taking me forever to write because I got totally sidetracked! It was worth it though, because I made £17 from my new app addiction - Depop, Woo!! It's a mix of ebay and instagram. It's free - which is great and you can leave your items up for as long as you want.  If you have an account make sure to follow me at @xxgeorgina18.

Anyway, finally back to the post, as I said, just a quick one! Yesterday I packed for my holiday, a week early at that! Were going on Sunday and I'm working most days until then so it just seemed like a good idea.  These photos are of one of my new holiday outfits. It's the other matching set I was going on about a few weeks ago which my grandparents bought for me, which cost a grand total of £10 - total bargian hunters! I love that it's a shorts set and that they were an easy material rather than denim, hopefully will be confortable for walking around in the sun and eating lots.

Not sure what's going to happen to my blog while I'm away, if anyone has any ideas or thoughts on guest posts, let me know!!!

Matching Set - Cheap shop in Basildon
Flip Flops - Primark
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  1. Such a cool look I love the shorts and top combo and your sunglasses are pretty darn cool as well!

  2. Have fun on your holiday. I'll still be here awaiting your return to be jealous of your tan and post holiday food baby :)
    Amazing two piece


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