LIFESTYLE: #RelaxedMondays With Utpoia

Utopia Group, got in touch to tell me about their #RelaxMondays campaign and asked me how I like to relax on Mondays – the most stressful day of the week! They also sent me a big box of goodies to help!

Before last week, I didn’t really know because I didn’t have a job but now I can see the idea of coming home after a long day and a very squashed commute and looking for ways to wind down.

As for Monday mornings, I like to treat myself to a Boost. Apart from tasting amazing, they are cold and refreshing and wake me up ready for work. They have just launched a new flavour which I am currently loving called Fruit Salad which is a mix of two of my original favourites - a Passion Mange and A Strawberry Squeeze, I'm currently sipping on one right now!
The first thing I like to do when I walk through the door after work is get my dinner in the oven, then I can go upstairs and sort myself out while its cooking, I love dinner time haha, and eating all the yummy stuff afterwards!
After eating dinner, I tend to just sit and flick through twitter, catching up on everyone’s day and getting involved with the blogger chats when I can! If I happen to be staying around Andrews that night I will always make time for a Lush Bath Bomb. Probably the easiest and prettiest way to relax - by the way, I do wash apart from being at Andrews haha (although, according to Bella Bathrooms 7% of people don’t wash ever, ew), it just so happens that I only have a shower at mine so whenever I go to his, I have to take advantage of a nice bath.
How Do You Like To Relax?

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Amazing post!
    Like the way you write your posts and your blog!

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. This looks SO relaxing it makes me wish I didn't just have a shower as there's something about a nice long soak in the bath, always helps me sleep, But ew 7 percent of people don't wash, that makes me want to cry hahahah xx

    Blonde Of Carbs


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