LIFESTYLE: Healthy Cooking Class With LV

 Earlier this week, I was invited along to a cooking class at the Smart Cookery School with LV who are promoting healthy living. I've called this post "Healthy Cooking Class" although it was more like - watch your healthy dinner be made and then eat it class. In my case, I was happy to just sit and watch since I was exhausted from my first day at work - as you can see in the photo, I look pretty lively haha. Although, in my opinion there were far too many people there for everyone to get a chance to cook, it was very crowded.
We started with Prawn or Courgette Skewers, of course I went for prawn since I love them, they were big and juicy and their thai flavours came through, all the lime reminded me of last summer!
 Then we had an Asian noodle soup which was tasty, although the the dishes started off being filled to the top, piled high with noodles, and by the time they got to our end of the table there were scraps left and we ended up with half a bowl of soup with a couple of noodles floating about, again, I think there were just too many people there.
For the main we had Chicken or Chickpea curry with sticky rice. All the food tasted great so I definitely enjoyed the eating aspect!
Thanks LV for having me along!

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