FASHION: Glow Light Up Shoes

Oh look at me, I've found myself another outfit that doesn't involve black jeans and this time I've gone a step further that light blue denim - they're white!

I used to love wearing white jeans when I was younger, actually in my scene kid days, I used to wear every colour jeans you could imagine - white, grey, hot pink, green, orange, red so I don't really know how I got into this black jean obsession really.
They have a slit at the knees like my new black ones and I got them from F&F at Tesco - definitely one of my favourite places for clothes that I actually need. I'm still not 100% confident with lighter jeans but I quite like this look. I got my jumper a while ago from UCLA at Get The Label, they stock loads of cool brands with huge discounts, sometimes up to 75% off! I think it actually came from the mens section but I love a big branded jumper and it was perfect.

Now for a mention of my amaaazing new shoes. I wasn't too sure when I ordered them, if they were going to be like tacky kids shoes but when they arrived I loved them! The lights are much more impressive that kids shoes, especially in the dark so I had to include a photo for you at the bottom. Apart from the lights, I actually really like them just as casual shoes! Silver was the perfect finishing touch for this light outfit and the blue matches well. They have three different settings so you can just have them on or flashing or whatever.

Light Up Shoes - Stylist Pick*
Jeans - F&F
Jumper (hoodie Version) - UCLA At Get The Lable*
Backpack - Primark


  1. Those. Shoes. Are. AMAZING!! I defiantely need some. Right now!!!

    The Clashing Giraffe

  2. Oh wow! Those shoes are so cool. X

  3. Those shoes are absolutely amazing, and I just ordered some white jeans but I am a little nervous how to style them! I always steal my boyfriends UCLA jumper haha that's what they are made for ;) xxx

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