BEAUTY: My Lush Shower Gel Collection

I seem to have built up quite a collection of shower gels from Lush. I love the unique scents you get from their products - unlike any others you can buy plus every one fills my whole bathroom with their smell. I also love the bottles of these shower gels, although I'm pretty pleased that I have a giant snow fairy, I am kinda annoyed that its not the same size at the others haha

Snow Fairy
As you can see, I really like snow fairy - as well as this collection, I also leave a bottle at Andrews house! I was running low, so Christmas just gone, Andrew treated me to a big bottle! I have been told they changed the formula this year to keep the glitter up in the gel for longer rather than sinking to the bottom like it has done in my old ones, they still smell and work fine,they just have a very glittery bottom.

So white
This is one that actually isn't in my collection and I was so sad I didn't end up getting myself a bottle this year. It's another Christmas limited edition one and it smells like apples - one of my favorite shower scents ever! I love fruity smells best!

Prince Charming
Another limited edition one, this time from the Valentines Day range. Like snow fairy, its very  sweet and sugary - this time from the marshmallow root and pomegranate. Also like snow fairy, all the stuff sinks to the bottle after a while. It's quite strong and overpowering but I like it, it does seem to smell different in the bottle to what it does in the shower which is odd.

Hot Toddy
Sorry guys, I have just realised that I only get Lush shower gels when they are limited edition! This one again is from the christmas range and out of the three mentioned this is the most christmassy one, you open it and christmas is the first think you think of! So festive that it only gets used during the year on those days when it's raining outside and you just want to stay in and have a nice warm shower and eat shepards pie and chocolate all day haha

Yummy Mummy
This is the newest release which has been brought out for mothers day. Its a lovely lilac colour with a slight shimmer. Its super sweet which, as you can tell by now, I love, it also with a very musky undertone!
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  1. Haha I love all the limited edition ones but its gutting when you have to wait forever to get them, I love snow fairy, hot toddy and prince charming and now want to try yummy mummy xxxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. I have never tried any lush products since there isn't a shop in my country. But I really want to since I have heard a lot about lush :)

    Sarah | Sarahanne14


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