BEAUTY: Lush Easter Range 2015

It seems like Lush only just brought out there mothers day range and now there's another new one! This so far, is probably my favourite range regarding smells and its pretty cute too! I have been eying up the hoppity poppity bath bomb (because its so cute and it has a face) and the Fluffy egg (because apparently it smells like snow fairy) but here's what I have so far!

A Bunch of Carrots
These come as a super cute set of three little carrots. They are pretty citrusy and refreshing like their bright orange colour, I love how  cute and fun they are. They are bubble bars which means you usually get quite a few uses out of them - with there being three in this set, they are super value for money.
Pot o Gold
This is the first ever shower gelly I've ever come across and I think it is one of my favourite Lush smells ever! It super sweet like honey or caramel. You use it similarly to a bar of soap and it's a pretty different feel to anything I've ever used in the shower before, kind of like a jelly that you would eat but much sturdier and the most amazing gold colour (as the name suggests).
Golden Egg
Another super cute one, especially for someone like me who has a bit of an obsession with easter eggs - it's covered in glitter like alot of the christmas collection and smells similar to the pot of gold with its sweet caramel smell. Its the actual size of an egg which I wasn't expecting and its called a bath bomb melt so it fizzes up a little bit but leaves your water feeling soft and silky.
Have You Tried Any Of The Easter Range Yet?

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  1. The carrots are super cute aren't they! Saw them at the press day and I'm gutted I didn't pick up any. I've got pot o gold, so looking forward to using it! Smells lovely :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks


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