FASHION: Prom Memories With New Look

When New Look asked me to recount some memories from my high school prom, the first thing that came to mind was Georgia being the talk of the night becuase she kissed the fittest guy in the year out of absolutely nowhere, I dont think they had ever even spoken before. Although she did look pretty good in her mums red dress.
Our prom wasn't like a normal prom. We didn't have a sit down dinner and instead hired out the envy part of Liquid in Romford, classy as always.

I remember going dress shopping with my mum to buy my first ever clubbing dress. Neither of us knew what we were doing but somehow we luckily ended up in Lipsy which was a great choice. At first, I picked up this pretty black bandeau dress with a printed skirt. When I went to try it on I couldn't understand why it was joint up at the bottom. Shorts. What!? And that was my first experience with a playsuit haha. I ended up with the dress version.

I remember the popular kids turning up in a fire engine and I remember one of them turning up in the same dress as one of my friends haha luckily I dodged that with my Lipsy dress. Although very closely! Someone did turn up in the same dress except it had a different print on it so no one noticed.. I hope. Talking of New Look, you can't see them in any of the photos but I was wearing the prettiest royal blue stilettos.

What Are Your Prom Memories?

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  1. We had a "Leavers Ball" rather than a prom at my school - nowadays people that are still there seem to wear proper full on gowns and cocktail dresses, but ours were slightly more "clubwear" style like yours! I, of course, managed to pick a dress that not one, but two other girls were wearing!! They were different colours but still noticeably the same since they were block colour dresses from French Connection - I did find out afterwards that theirs were continuation lines though whereas mine was a limited edition Fashion Week one (not that I had a clue at the time!), so at least I know that mine was slightly more special than theirs, oops!
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

  2. Awee this was such a cute post !. My prom is just a few month away and Im super excited :D I can't believe you guys didn't have a sit down dinner!. Judging by the pictures you all look like you had a great time x :)

    Caitriona | Blog

  3. Oh god I hated prom seriously I turned up in like a white dress that made me look like a bride take me back and give me a second chance hahah xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  4. You should get yourself a tiara and make a sash that says "Prom Queen." (You can get supplies from a costume store or Michaels). If you have a date, get him a crown and a Prom King sash.

    You could specify that people wear 80's style prom dresses with big poofy sleeves. They could have big hair do's and 80's make up.

    Or you could have people dress up as the different high school stereotypes. You could be prom queen, but other people could dress up as cheerleaders, nerds, football players, goth, band geek, etc.

    If you want it to be like prom, try to get a backdrop where people can get their pictures taken.
    gbridal blog


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