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Do you guys remember Georgia? She's been on the blog a couple of times in the post! Anyway, she's one of my closest friend and when she's not travelling the world (which isn't very often) I bring her along to some of my events! 

This week we had the launch of Playboy Makeup at the Playboy Club in Park Lane. How exciting! We rushed there from another event and got very lost at the station so we turned up in a big sweaty mess. nice haha not to worry, we got there just in time to see the champagne tower being filled! I went to catch up with a couple of blogger girls whilst Georgia got straight to picking up, trying and swatching every product in sight haha.
Georgia and I both left the party with a little goodie bag and a little bit drunk haha this meant that I could actually take a proper look at some of the products in depth when I got home! The first thing that really stands out about this brand for me, is the packaging, I really love it - I think its simple and but still fun!
 Firstly, I got one of the liquid eyeliners, this is the product I'm most excited about, it just doest come off haha Georgia put it on at the event and literally had to scratch it off of her hand. Also, as you can see the tip is super thin and the black is a nice deep colour!
 I love the mascara tube in this bright colour, its so eye catching and pretty! The wand looks great, its big enough to separate your lashes so that don't look all clumpy and horrible.
 Ok, so I don't really do face make up so I cant tell you much about this except that, like the other products, the packaging is super cute and it has a playboy bunny embossed into it. It also has a mirror on the inside which is always a good thing, right?

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  1. Oh my gawd amazing! Look how cute the bunnygirls look?! I used to use Playboy makeup years ago before they changed it up the packaging and it was always really nice, good to see it coming back!



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