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I've recently been involved in a fun little project with a company called Maximise and I thought I'd tell you a little about what I've been doing with then before our project comes to life!

Maximise is a company that plans stag and hen weekends packages which include everything you need for the perfect pre-wedding party from the food to the accommodation and everything else. They work with great destination all over the UK.

They got in touch with me and a few other bloggers to ask us to help put together a new package for healthy living brides! So a few weeks ago, we all got together in a hotel conference room (ohh very buisnessy) for a focus group to put out ideas together. 

Apparently alot of women nowadays are opting for a healthy hen party - dance classes and healthy food over clubbing and a kebab. Our target audience is 25-35 (which I know I am a little young for haha) We are trying to plan a two night stay in London for £180.

So let me tell you a few of the ideas we all liked!

Having some ‘luxury’ as well as active element - a nice place to stay basically haha full of little surprises for everyone, things like matching PJs and sweets hidden under pillows! As for the food, we all swayed to sushi or sushi making classes and cocktails and smoothies which I was happy with, all super yummy and mostly healthy too!!

 We were thinking, one night out and one night in, alot of the girls didn't like the idea of clubbing which I understood so we agreed on something like a cocktail class in a nice bar where was could all be together and have fun together without the too loud music and creepy guys haha
One idea that everyone apart from me loved was a "Hen's Name" 5K hen run. I honestly could not think of anything worse. seriously, it sounds like my absolute nightmare. 

So what's next? Maximise are taking all our ideas and putting together the package. (hopefully withouth the 5K run) Then when it's ready, we get to be the first to try it out!
 You can read more and keep up to day at the hen hub here.

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  1. 5K hen run? That makes me feel sick :(
    I want a Hen do I can wear my slippers to


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