LIFESTYLE: Hawaiian Tropic Sun Protection

After that crazy sun recently it occurred to me that I had lost all my sun protection when we moved house a few months back. I hardly ever wear sun protection when I'm in England -  it is almost impossible to get burnt here - like its ever hot enough, or so I thought! I came in from the sun last Sunday for a nap I woke up to my parents arriving home telling me my face was bright red. I then spoke to Andrew who was also totally sunburnt, which wasn't really such a surprise - he is known for his factor 50 haha 

Hawaiian tropic* is my favourite brand to use when I go on holiday, it has the most amazing holiday smell, its all coconuts and mangoes! This range - as you may be able to see - has hydrating ribbons running though it which is basically extra moisturiser to keep your skin soft and protected at the same time! I've never worn an oil in the sun before, it sounds a bit scary although I think i will test it out on a sunny and see how it goes! Last year Mr. factor 50 used it and he didn't get brunt so it must work just the same! 

I have stocked up early just incase it gets hot again here, and if it doesn't then I have 4 nice new bottles to take away to Thailand with me, I'm so excited!

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