BEAUTY: More Playboy Make Up - Lipstick and Polish

After the launch party last week, Playboy Make Up got in touch to ask if I'd like to try some of the polishes as well, of course I agreed as I was pretty upset that I didn't get a better look at them at the event! I was sent there two pretty reds. I'm not normally a fan of red, unless it's glitter, then I'm crazy for them. I think my dislike of the colour comes from growing up and watching all of my mums older customers go for red (she's a nail technician), it's just stuck with me that red is an old lady colour.

Saying that, this one is a great tone, it's a very bright, young, red! As for the other one - if there's glitter in it, I'm going to like it regardless.

The red polish is quite thin which is very odd because one coat seems to cover it enough. The glitter is a red glitter in a red polish so one coat will cover the nail although it if you the glitter thicker like I do then it's fine to keep layering up until you are happy.

I am actually really impressed with these two and will be looking forward to trying some of the other colours!
 They also sent me a few of the lipsticks which was very kind! All very pretty colours, again, bright and young and a great coverage. I also love the packaging.

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