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BANK are running an amazing competition for the chance to win a trip with your bestie to THREE mystery festivals somewhere out in Europe over the summer! All you have to do is write up a festival related post.

Check out full details here and see my entry below!

I've never been to a festival before, well like, not a proper one! I went to EDC last year and that was amazing, just what I wanted, my kind of music, my friends but the two biggest reasons for me going, it was 20 minutes away on the tube and there was no camping involved! haha I'm such a baby, I cant handle normal camping in a calm field let alone a whole week of it in amidst the craziness! I love the whole festival vibe but only as long as at the end of the day I get to go home, shower and get into my bed hahaha.

Obviously, I dont know much about camping essentials, but for a good day festival, here what I need!
Jujus - BANK
Jujus are just so comfy, and summery and the babes give you a little bit of height too - gotta love them!

Headband - Crown & Glory
Constantly lusting after these whole lotta Rosie headbands, there are different colours every season. I'm currently loving this blue one!

Perfect to keep your phone and money in leaving your hands free to dance, drink and eat overpriced  ice cream with!

Mini deodorant and Batiste - Superdrug
These will be very useful I'm sure and you can squeeze them in next to your phone, they are so small and cute!

Light Denim shorts - River Island
I'm not sure why but I would only wear light denim to a festival (for EDC I wore white shorts) I think it just adds to the summer vibe!

Crop Top - Missguided 
Tiny little crop top is always best, lets face it, your going to get sweaty and having a tight tee sticking to your underarms isn't fun!

 Kimono - Boohoo
Fun colours, lightweight and nice to keep you a bit warmer when it gets late!

So, Those are my festival essentials - What are yours?

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