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Last week, MSC Cruises got in touch and asked me what I would wear for an evening on one of their fleet starting with a cocktail reception, then a big meal and a night of dancing afterwards.
Luckily for me I know exactly what I would wear for such an occasion because I spend my childhood growing up on cruises (my mum suddenly decided shes was scared of planes when I was eight and we've been cruising ever since!) and since I have been old enough, that is how I have spent alot of my cruising evening! 

I picked this outfit as it would be perfect for each occasion - it works for cocktails, dinner and dancing!!

Pretty cocktails on the sun deck - It's light and summery to wear out in the sun, and obviously you can take off the jacket when it gets super hot. Pairing the set with a crop top injects it with a bit of my style and of course we need a cool pair of sunglasses to look off into the distance in as we set sail haha. 

On to dinner, a smart matching suit set, simple heels and the high waisted shorts are great for hiding the food baby after you couldn't decide which main you wanted so you just ordered them both. (Andrew and I did this on many nights last time we were on a cruise together hahah) 

Then, for some after dinner dancing - as you can see, we have a nice pair of heels and a crop top and those are my two essentials for an evening out!

After that, we have a little midnight wander around the ship, pick up some more food from the 24 hours buffet and back to our cabin!

Jacket* & Shorts* - Very
Sunglasses* - Next
Crop - ASOS
Heels - Primark


  1. This is such a chic outfit, I so want your figure though! x

  2. Great outfit, looks so glam!


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