LIFESTYLE: New Healthy Foods

I've been sent a few healthy options lately so I though it might be nice to put them all into one post! I was pretty impressed with most of them and would happily eat them again, not so much with others! 

Have You Heard Of Any Of These Before?

KOJI is a new additive free drink in a pretty glass bottle, the rest of the packaging is simple and the drinks are only 49 calories each which is good! The actual juices are a lovely appetising colour, you know when you just look and it and think, that looks yummy! I just wanted to drink it regardless of what flavour it was. From the names, I expected my favourite to be the elderflower one and it was! Its so yummy although it has a little aftertaste similar to what you get from sparkling water.


There was a very satisfying pop when I opened the jars for the first time! Both tasted great, I do love a bit of jam now and then especially strawberry but it was nice to try a new flavour too! It was packed full of fruit, alot more that a normal jam and apparently has a reduced amount of sugar in it.

One thing I did notice, it was very lightly set and would move around in the jar although that's the only bad thing I can say about it and it didn't really bother me. 


Jim Jams Chocolate Spread is A No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate Spread - not that you would know any different - the smell when you open it is so strong and amazingly rich and indulgent first thing I did was grab and spoon and get stuck in haha yum! It's just as chocolatey but contains less calories and is better for your teeth! What more could you want from a chocolate spread?


Goldenberry juice is the next big thing so I've heard. It tastes delicious and has a good source of Vitamin A which is good for healthy skin!


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