FASHION: Warehouse Summer Dress & BooHoo Strappy Heels

How beautiful is this dress?  

I originally picked it to wear for my internship but it's too nice for work, although I'm sure it would make a lovely work to garden party/posh BBQ look haha I have fallen in love with it. It's so not me,I've been saying that here on my blog alot lately, I'm not really a dress person altogether but apparently that is changing rather rapidly!

The pattern on this dress makes me so happy - when I look at it all I can think is Summer. I think it will probably be coming on holiday with me this year to for those lovely evening beach walks and sunset meals!
Dress* - Warehouse
Heels* - BooHoo


  1. The back of the dress is so amazing! Great outfit x

  2. This looks really gorgeous on you Georgina! xxx

  3. This outfit is so gorgeous on you :D

  4. that really is the most stunning dress! x


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