LIFESTYLE: Chocomix Personalised Chocolate Bar

When I was younger I used to pour a packet of chocolate buttons into my salt and vinegar crisps and it was the most amazing taste combination, everyone used to look at me like I was crazy but I didn't care, it tasted so good!

So when I was offered the chance to create my own bar of personalised chocolate with almost any topping I wanted, I knew salt and vinegar crisps had to be one of them.

Chocomix offer nine different base bars from good old milk chocolate to strawberry white chocolate and all sorts of others. I was very surprised at the quality of it, its really good! You then get to pick up five topping from their huge list (over 100) which will be put into your dream bar!

I was sent two bars - one of my choice and another popular one! My one was covered in salt and vinegar crisps (obvs) cornflakes, smarties and Oreos. I love a crunchy bar of chocolate, as does my mum apparently because as soon as they arrived we sat down and basically finished off the whole bar before breakfast haha. The second bar was covered in pretzels, Oreos, fudge and peanut butter pieces! This one wasn't so much to my taste, but that's why its great, you can make the bar completely personal to you and my dad loved it!

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  1. :O I've never tried chocolate and salt and vinager crisps but I'm really tempted. The pretzel one sounds right up my boyfriends alley and your pick sounds right up mine :)

  2. This sounds amazing! Not too sure on the salt and vinegar crisps with chocolate though! x

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  3. Omg thanks for mentioning this! I'll check them out, xoxo.


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