LIFESTYLE: Fathers Day Gift Ideas

I wanted to do a fathers day gift guide because I think it's such a hard one. I had a few companies get in touch with their products which all make perfect gifts!

Firstly, Alcohol - preferably Whiskey, its such a dad drink and since my dad is a chauffeur, he hardly has a chance to drink so it's a nice treat when he has a night off! I was kindly sent eight Jim Beam minis in four different flavours which I'm sure my dad will love. Like me, he has a collection on bottles (in the garage), I've only just started collecting spirits but it seems to be addictive, I love all the different shapes haha only problem is I cant bear to open the!
Next idea was something I came across last week - London Designer Outlet which is a mall full of  outlet stores in the uk wembley to be precise. They have a Superdry store and even a Lindt one, so thats a great way to get some lovely bits for less than usual prices!

A travel razor is a useful give for and man! I'm sure will come it useful for any dad haha its very small and easliy charged via USB. Can be purchased from

Next I was contacted by a brand called Bluebeards Revenge who sell all sorts of shaving stuff with a skull and cross bones printed on it, kind of an apt name for the brand haha I like it!
This eau de toilette can be used as an aftershave or an all over body spray, I did open it for a cheeky smell and its very masculine, very smart and businesses- very manly haha I like the blue bottle too! It seems to last quite well too!
Another easy idea is a gift voucher! My dad always asked for a nice new iTunes voucher but you don't have to get one of those, there are clothes vouchers and even experience vouchers which is lovely! I have just come across my Ticketmaster voucher which gave me this idea, ( I might use my one to  go see Kylie while shes playing at The 02 - shes a childhood fave) but this or any voucher to be honest are always a good start for fathers day!

and lastly is a tee shirt brand that my dad has gone crazy over this past year - Weird Fish - so I was very pleased when they offered to send me a couple of tops for him for fathers day! He will be very excited with this. They have funny graphics, mostly of popular bands with their names somehow incorporating a fish haha see, that doesn't make sense, just look at the photo -  you will understand haha. Hopefully I picked two that he doesn't have yet!

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  1. Thank you for the mention Georgina, we hope your Dad enjoys his new t-shirts, and they help add to his growing collection.


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