LIFESTYLE: #FishFingerParty With Birdseye & Funkin Cocktails

The other day I received a huge box from the lovely guys at Birdseye and Funkin Cocktails!The aim of the game was to invite some friends round and have a fish finger and cocktail party so that's what I did!

It was super hot yesterday here in Essex so the perfect day to have an afternoon in the garden. Andrew drove the boys over and while they started setting up in the garden - putting up the posters, blowing up the balloons (which swiftly flew into next doors garden and popped) and getting to work with the Southern Comfort and Funkin cocktails, Andrew and I put the fish fingers in the oven

Fifteen minutes later, we brought them out to the garden along with the bread, butter and ketchup and everyone got stuck in to making their #FishFingerSandwiches! The strawberry daiquiris went down rather well as did the Brazilian cocktail mix, very excotic - and between the 6 of us, we made it through 40 fish fingers haha!

Big thanks to the guys at Come Round for supplying us for the day!!

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