BEAUTY: Benefits They're Real Push Up Liner, Remover & Mascara

This week I came home to a stupid red note saying I had to go to the post office to get my parcel, don't you just hate those things?! What was worse, was that my brother was actually in the house all day and just too lazy to come downstairs and open the door! So, I got in the car and drove to the post office! This was a big deal for me, I was on my own and I actually had to park my mums car in the busy high street and get back out of my space after haha and I did it and it was totally worth it too! I got home and opened a mysterious package to find a surprise gift from benefit!
Benefit Makeup

They sent me one of their new push up gel liners which I was actually planning on going to buy for myself - amazing, I've heard alot about them! I also got one of their eye make up remover creams and a sample of the They're Real mascara! This all came with what looked like a thick information booklet but when I opened it, music started playing haha there was a screen and it started playing a video - Amazing!!
Benefits They're Real

They're Real Mascara 
I already happen to have two full sized products, plus about 5 samples since it is my favourite mascara ever! They sent me another sample, these are perfect for keeping in my purse, I leave one at Andrews house and one in each bag! The photos below are of my full sized one, I just thought it might be easier to see! Firstly, I love the shape of the product and just the overall packaging, its super classy and cute! The actual product itself is just the best mascara I've ever used - Its all in the wand! It makes my lashes super long, skinny and dark but with no clumps, just how I like my lashes!

Benefit Mascara
They're Real Mascara  
They're Real Remover
 I've always used wipes in the past so this was something different but much better! For me, it works really well and even gets mascara off in a few wipes which I always have trouble, no more scrubbing!! Obviously, it's also a lot less bulky to carry around  than a packet of wipes and one other thing I liked was how it felt on my eye, I guess cream is just something I'm not used it but its was cool and pleasant!

They're Real Remover
They're Real Push Up Liner
 Now for the main product! I was a bit scared to use it as I have been though many pen liners and have found one that I like and have stuck with - I cant seem to use any of the others for one reason or another. This pen is a little different to all the other I've tried, I was expecting a liquid substance but instead a thick gel comes out of the angled rubber tip!

Having just tried it for the first time, I am very pleased to say it came out perfectly for a first attempt! I am very impressed with the product as well as myself for applying it properly haha it's all about lining up the angle of the tip along your lashes and your ready to go, just one swipe and there's a perfect black line, all you need to do is fill it in!  Also, I should add that I did it without my contact lenses which is even a mission with my normal liner but this was absolutely fine, I think its going to be my new favourite product ever. If I'm on OK the first try, can you imagine how good I'll be with a little practice?!  

Benefit Gel Liner
Benefit Theyre Real Push Up Liner

Huge Thanks to Benefit for my lovely gifts - They will all be getting alot of use!

P.S - I'm off to Thailand later today, I have a post ready for every other day but make sure you check out My Instagram for updates on my trip!!
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