LIFESTYLE: Southern Comfort

Since winning my bottle of Southern Comfort at the cocktail class event, its been sitting in my room waiting to be drunk. Luckily for me, A few friends popped over on Sunday night and it was still so lovely out we decided it would be the perfect setting for a cheeky cocktail or two. We just went with the simple one that I had at the event because I loved it so much and there really wasn't much to it - Southern comfort, lime cordial and lemonade plus a lime wedge, classy I know and so simple haha.

If your any more adventourous than me then you should upload your recipe to their Go Drink Yourself campaign for the chance to win a mug that has been shaped just like your face!


Drink Responsibly!

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  1. My fiancé mixed SoCo and orange juice when we were at uni ... only because we had run out everything else to drink. Its surprisingly nice though!


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