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I did a holiday essentials post a few weeks ago of just stuff that I think I'm going to need and now I though its time for a products one. For a girl (lol) I really don't use many products but I have put together a few things to show you all! Strangely, alot of these things I will be sharing with Andrew, I think he uses more product than I do!
Sure deodorant and Impulse be surprised
A girls got to smell nice and it the heat that I'm expecting, I'm going to need alot of spray lolol  Impulse are great to keep in your handbag - Thailand is very humid so I've heard so a little spritz every now and them, I'm sure, will be welcome.

Vaseline Hand sanitizer 
 Self explanatory really, alot of people have told me to be careful about the food and getting ill so at least having clean hands is a good start in avoiding it!

Leighton Denny Foot Masque
This is more of a luxury item not really too essential but I'm sure after a long day of exploring Bangkok a nice food exfoliation will be lovely to get our feet soft and smooth for the beach later on!

W7 Nail polish and Superdry file  
My mum has just sorted my gels out so these are just for back up!

Vaseline Spray & Go
I have no idea how my skin is going to take the heat (and Andrews will probably be even worse since he is soooo pale haha ) so I thought an easy to apply moisturiser might be a good idea!

Pixie Lott Batiste 
This is an essential at home so of course I will be taking a can with me on holiday - the Pixie lott one is their newest release and I love the pretty colours of the can, it reminds me of the sea and smells great as usual.

Radox Shower gels 
These two have become my favourite fruity shower gels products, I love the smells of both of them but obviously I don't need two full size shower gels for 10 days so I will have to choose, ahh which one?!

Hawaiian Tropic Sun Cream & After Sun 
I have been using this stuff for the past two years because of it smell, its so so good and just adds to the holiday feeling. I love using the after sun as it is so soothing on my skin and yes, I will be taking factor 50! 

Barry M blink & Benefits They're real 
 These two are the only real make up I wear, day or night! I have just received Benefits new push up gel liner and make up remover too so they very well may be coming with me too! I will also bring along a waterproof mascara from M&S just incase!!

Wilkinson razor 
I will be packing a nice new razor to keep my legs smooth and shiny for the beach and pool!

Only a few days now! I'd better get packing all this away!


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