LIFESTYLE: Surviving the World Cup

Last Saturday night was one of the first in a long time that I wasn't out with friends and do you know why? Of course you do!! My boyfriend and all of our friends went to the pub to watch the football - lucky me! Apparently the first pub they went to wasn't even playing the football and they all left the second one soaked in beer (don't ask) definitely not my ideal way to spend a Saturday night!

Luckily for me, Andrew and I are going on holiday in a week so I get to bypass most of the games but for the ones that I am here for, I have been looking at other things to do to keep myself entertained! Heres what I came up with:

Spend some time with you mum/sisters. Ok so I don't have a sister but my mum suggested we go out for a Chinese on saturday, its something we do together quite alot and a great way to spend the evening together with no sign of football! Not to mention the empty roads since everyone was already at a pub! Next idea, if you don't have any other women around is to just relax on your own, do something you enjoy. Last time there was a big game on, the guys sat in the living room and I spent the whole afternoon making cakes! I love baking and I have a load of boys to eat them all afterwards so that's a win win! When all else fails, theres always the internet for a little bit of online shopping! I'm constantly on the lookout for lots of summer stuff at the moment! I am loving all the summer shoes that are about - as always, I love SpyLoveBuy but am also spending alot more time looking at smaller online shoes stores such as Shoetique, Shu Sole not to mention lots of pretty clothes as well. I recently came acorss Joseph at Cavells and fell in love with all the bright block colours - especially the greens and oranges! I have seen that Benefit have opened a Girls only pink pub for the duration of the world cup called Gabbi's Head. It's in Covent garden and I am definitely going to try to pop in one night! I've seen photos and it looks amazing - Pink furniture, make up stations, different events almost every day - they even serve food and drinks!
Another thing I could get working on (which is probably the most useful idea) is looking for a job! I'm an unemployed trained legal secretary desperate for work so even having a little admin job somewhere would be nice! I could spend that game time either looking for jobs or maybe practicing my typing skills!There's also lots of fun thing online going on such as this fun Ladbrokes ‘World Cup Widows’ Bingo card.  Instead of numbers, there are lots of scenarios that may occur when your other half is engrossed in the football. I'm sure that would be quite hilarious and I can do it while I'm blogging haha Check out the card below!! They also have a Hot or Not game on the site where you can vote for your fav footballers and end up with a dream team of all the good looking ones!!
World Cup Widows 
Do You Have Any More Tips?

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