FASHION: Jump From Paper

I went to an interview this morning, I wore black jeans, a black top, a black blazer and black shoes so when I got home I just wanted colour and that's what I did. I may have kept the black jeans on but you guys all know by now that they are my outfit staple. I love these two bright primary colours next to each other, I think it all adds to the cartoony ness of everything!

I was so excited when my bag arrived and obviously I uploaded a photo to facebook straight away. My dad came into my room later that day and was totally confused when he saw the bag - he though I had edited a cartoon bag on top of my photo haha Andrew thought the exact same thing! I guess if you've never seen this brand before you probably would think the same and thats what I loved, a bag that gets a reaction!

I thought this outfit was a good one to wear my new flip flops with! I have cone absolutely Haviana crazy recently, I went from having 0 pairs to 5 pairs in less than a month and these are my newest addition! I've never had a pair of golden shoes before so I'm sure they are going to be quite useful and will look great with a tan!

Top - Topshop
Jeans - Primark
Bag - *JumpFromPaper
Havianas - *House Of Fraser
Toe Nail Polish - *W7


  1. Looking lovely! Hope your interview went well

  2. That bag is so cool!


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