FASHION: Eyelash Knit and Acid Wash Jeans

I've been wanting a plain eyelash knit for ages now but the only ones that I liked were the ones from Topshop which were too expensive to justify when I knew there were ones in Primark for £10 - I just couldn't find one anywhere. So when I managed to drag Andrew into a Primark whilst out for dinner at Westfield one night I was so excited to finally spot one! He has an issue with Primark, he hates it in there and goes on silent strike until we leave haha. He knew about my jumper search which lead him to actually speak to me in a Primark store, he offered to get it for me for Christmas. Aww.

I was on dog watch duty while Andrew was trying to take these photos for me. My brother was having a new sofa delivered for his bedroom (which I still haven't even been bothered to go and look at yet) which meant the front door being open for quite a while so my dad shut Molly in my bedroom with us and her squeaky pig. She then ripped it in half resulting in dog toy fluff all over my room so we had to confiscate that haha. But she looked so sad so I had to improvise and give her something else to play with without having to leave my room. I gave her a toilet roll hah.

Jumper - Primark
Jeans* - Fashion Union


  1. I wish I'd bought more of those Primark jumpers, just so damn cosy! x

  2. such a fab casual outfit, I have this jumper in pink, make sure to wash it with lots and lots of softener otherwise it loses its softness quite quickly



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