LIFESTYLE: My Childhood Favourite - Malt Loaf

I grew up eating Soreen's original Fruit Malt Loaf. I loved it smothered in too much butter, it was the perfect healthy snack alternative which wasn't chocolate or crisps that I actually enjoyed eating. My family all love it but as usual Andrew had no idea what it was.

One day in October, I got an email out of the blue saying that the guys at Soreen saw that I followed them on twitter and wondered if I would like a big box of products to write about on my blog. um yes please. haha. And I do also have a valid reason as to why this is actually being posted in January, 3 months after the initial email! I moved house when they were planning to send it out so I got parcel sent to Andrews, he went on holiday before it arrived and the parcel disappeared, we had no idea when it went until it somehow magically turned up back at Andrew house 3 days before Christmas. It was like a Christmas miracle aww

In my box, I recieved:
1 Apple & Saltana Loaf
1 Festive Loaf
1 Fruity-Five Loaf
1 Pre-Buttered Fruity-Five Snack Pack
1 Toastie Loaf
1 Pack of Banana Lunch Box Loaves (5)
plus a pen, some stickers and a recipie book.
I didn't realise that there were so many different variations of it, I thought it was just malt loaf and that's it. I think my dad was most excited about it so after taking my lovely photos below (haha) I took the box downstairs and that's all I saw of it apart from a few little slices now and again. We opened a couple of the big loafs on Christmas day and let my grandparents take them home. They were super yummy and great to eat as a morning snack (I was far too excited for a proper breakfast). Then over the next few days we just carried on eating and eating and by the time it was January, the whole lot was finished.

My favoruite of the bunch was the apple and saltana one, it was another super yummy taste and also happened to be my dads favorite one. I was also so amused that it was a different colour to what I'm used to. haha yeah.

Thanks Soreen!

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