LIFESTYLE: New Year, New Filofax

It's January and it's a new year which means it's time for a brand new dairy for 2014. I  picked this lovely purple saffino filofax.

You may remember my pink one from last year. I loved its crazy colour but being so big made it quite heavy. It was great for keeping on my desk at work (waaay back when I had a job) but this time I went for a smaller personal sized one which is the perfect size and weight for my handbag.

I just love how organised a filofax is. It's already sorted when you buy it, all you have to do is fill it in! I always go for one with a popper as I hate it flying open in my bag, I like to keep everything secure and neat and organised  and a popper is the best thing for the job.

The organiser comes with all sorts of different pages. Obviously the diary inserts are take up the main bulk of the pages and are probably going to be the most used in my case but I also love the little to-do pages with tick boxes and all the funky note paper which you get in pink, green, blue and white. You also get graph paper (which I will have fun colouring in when I am bored haha), plain paper, address book pages, Important information and a ruler!

What Diary Are You Using For 2014?


  1. I am totally getting one of these!

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