LIFESTYLE: Kick You Spending Habbits For 2014

I'm loving all these money saving info graphics that are around at the moment. The good deal one was great for saving on future spending (totally reinforced my "Research before you buy" ethic) but I was sent this Kick My Habits one from Leeds Building Society one yesterday about trying to cut down on things that you already spend on. 

I took this little quiz and really wasn't shocked at all.  It told me that I waste most of my money on food but I already know that haha. I have been known on many occasions to go out for both lunch and dinner, I just love the whole experience of eating out. 

One of my bigger spends was on lazy lunch, but to be honest, its not laziness, its the enjoyment I get from eating nice food! Especially when I worked at Westfield, I really didn't enjoy working and the food prices there are crazy but lunch was the highlight of my whole day and I couldn't wait to go out and spend my lunch break at YouMeSushi which cost me up to £10 a day. I couldn't help myself.

Andrew and I have decided that instead of going out for dinner 2-3 times a week to somewhere cheap like Nandos or Wagamamas we are going to save it up for one day, probably Friday night now that he has a job and go somewhere different, we want to try to venture into London instead of being lazy and staying local and try lots of new foods and experiences!

What's your biggest spending habit?

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