CHRISTMAS: What I Got For Andrew

I know Christmas is over and it makes me really sad but it doesn't matter, I thought this might be relevant to my blog because I mention Andrew a lot and after I did the gift guide for him here, I wanted to tell you what I ended up buying. 

I was so close with everything I put on that list and I'm very glad I followed my instincts and went against buying a lot of the things on it because his parents bough three or four of them! They bought the exact wallet, which I though was really strange and the tracksuit bottoms. From the list, I got him the vans. I'm still thinking of getting him the Body Art Happiness Stencil from The Stencil Warehouse because they are really cheap and I think he'll have fun with them.
 The first present that I bought for him was a new jacket from Superdry! I bought him the green version two years ago and he literally wears it every single day, his uni friends asked me if he ever took it off haha so when he started compalining that he had broken the pockets I thought it was about time to get him a new one. We went to the Superdry shop and he tried on all of them and ended up wanting the same one in a different colour, so that's what I bought!
 Next up, New Vans! I always pick his shoes so when I asked what colour, he told to me get whatever I liked. Typical man. He didn't care haha but to be fair, I have picked the colour of the last 3 pairs so it wasnt too much of a challenge. I've bought him a new pair of vans every year that we have been together so far. This is pair number four and a medium grey colour.
Then, a couple of useful bits. His lips and hands always crack in the cold and he already uses moisturisers so I just bought him some more haha  
Then I just wanted to get some extra little bits for him to open so I went for food/drink. These are his favorite of the both! JD and coke is his go-to drink and is kinda the most expensive one so I got him a big bottle of that and he may hate chocolate but he seems to love these and only these haha, a box of Lindors.
 Hope you guys like this post, let me know what you think! 
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  1. Aww those are lovely presents. Really thoughtful.


  2. Lovely gifts for him, he must have loved them!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  3. I bought Danny the exact same superdry coat as one of his gifts too! Haha xx

  4. great post! so lovely that he trusts you to choose his shoes! very well planned, great presents:-)

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