LIFESTYLE: Can You Spot A Good Deal?

Now Christmas is over and all the sales have started, I feel like I have no money left. Now is always the time of the year when I start to feel like I need to be a bit more clever with my money and make sure I look for the best deals before I buy anything! Most of the time I find it easy to spot a bargain but I came across this infographic on Ladbrokes and was shocked. I've put it down to all of these things being too expensive for me to know anything about in the first place haha. A pair of high street shoes - easy to spot a bargain. A set of black dragon cigars - Not so easy. 

So my advice - Do your research! Find out how much it should cost so that you know what a bargain looks like!
amazing isnt it?!

Have you seen any amazing deals lately?

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  1. I know the feeling about saving money at this time of year.
    This is such a good tool. Thanks for sharing this.

    Leah @

  2. I LOVE the feeling of getting a bargain. I used to just impulse buy in the sales but I've trained myself to be more careful now so I don't end up with a load of reduced things I don't use or wear


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