Ive seen a few of my blogger friends do a year review post and I really wanted to do one as well. Ive had lots of fun times and made some really good friends through my blog this year but I've tried to leave out alot of the blog stuff because you would I already blogged about it when it happened, I wanted to make it alot more personal using photos from my facebook that havent ever been on my blog before. 

In January 
Spent new years at my favorite place, Gilgamesh with Andrew
I visited a spa hotel with Andrew
Went out for dinner 11 times.
Made my first Victoria's Secret purchase.
In February
I started my first ever internship
Went to Southampton to visit Lianne
Had afternoon tea and stayed at The Langham Hotel
Went to the BeautyCon after party
Filmed a video with FashtagTV
In March
I attempted (and failed) to cook pork gyoza after becoming addicted to Wagamamas
Had my first blogging events of the year - Benefit & Land's End
Had a photoshoot with Helen
I ate around 21 easter eggs
In April
Reviewed a Marriott Spa day
Met my best blogger Lorna at a terrible "Blogger Photoshoot"
Did a photoshoot for my friend Gemma
Went to my first set of press days
Worked with Pauls Boutique
Got thrown out of my local gala bingo (not my fault, just saying)
Was featured on Missguided's Instagram
Walked at High Street Fashion Week
Went to the theatre
In May
It was very hot
I filmed an OOTD with FashtagTV
I got recognised from my blog
I had another photoshoot with Helen
It was my blogs first birthday
Had an amazing alcohol fueled day with my friend Georgia!
Went back to Gilgamesh
Had my cousins Bar Mitzvah
Worked at the Motel Rocks sample sale
In June
I had my first BBQ of the year
Got a Distinction on my Legal Secretary course
Visited The Ice Bar again with Benefit
Went to The Goucho Grill with my Dad
Had chinese for lunch and nandos for dinner
Took a day trip to france with the boys
Went to the LDN Bloggers Cocktail party
Saw Robbie Williams and Olly Murs from a Box at wembly with Fuse Fashion
 In July
Had BBQs almost every day for a week
Went to Clacton with the boys
Also went to Southampton with the boys
Got a new phone
Went to EDC
It was Molly's Birthday
Had a video shoot with Helen
 In August
I reviews a spa day at the St Pauls Grange Hotel
Went on the best cruise ever with my family and Andrew
Rode a gondola in Venice
Went clubbing in Mykonos
Nearly died in Santorini
Visited Athens
Had my 20th birthday
Got a new laptop
 In September
I got a 2 month internship at Greenlight
Visited London Fashion Week for the first time
Had my 4 year anniversary with Andrew
Was given tickets to London Fashion Weekend
Worked at Professional Beauty Olympia and was recognised from my blog!
Went to see Charlie and the Chocolate factory at the theater with Andrew
Tried Meat Mission
Bought my blog domain, nearly deleting my blog in the process.
Got myself on a TV in the front of a shop in Westfield! 
 In October
I went to lots of blogger events
Went for coffee with my blogger friends
Tried to bleach a little bit of my hair then dyed it green
Met Lydia Bright
I had to take down my poster wall  
Moved House!
Went to a Miss Selfridges Party
Went to the casino
Got drunk at yet another cocktail class
Had a photoshoot at an abandoned asylum
Had a photoshoot with some of the Apprentice Contestants
In November 
Andrew went to America for 3 weeks
Went to the BooHoo & Motel Christmas Party
Reviewed an 11 course mitchellin star meal
Finished my internship
Went to brighton to be a Stagette
Reviewed an amazing afternoon tea

In December
Met Santa with ASOS
Went to the #Essexmasmeet
Also went to the #LDNXmasMeet
Got to know my new area (epping) a little better
Had a photoshoot for Barclays Bank
Had Christmas day at home with my family
Spent boxing day at Andrew
My wisdom teeth arrived on Christmas eve
Had a 7 course meal at the Mandarin Palace on New Years with Andrew and His Family


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing 2013! I hoe your 2014 is even better!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  2. Wow, sounds like 2013 was crazy! Can't wait to see where 2014 takes you and your blog- happy new year!x


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