BEAUTY: My First Lush Haul

This post is something very new and exciting for me as never done anything like it before. It's my first ever Lush Haul

Last year, Andrew and I discovered the world of Lush and he would occasionally pick up a little present wrapped box for me, which was a super sweet gift. At the time we used them and just enjoyed the bubbles but since reading more and more blogs, I've discovered there is more of a science to it. There are specific ones that do specific things and your not meant to use a whole comforter in one bath..oops. When I saw how cheap the sale was, Andrew decided to let me pick a few more bits towards my Christmas present. Yey

I'm just going to show you the things I picked out after everyone was going on about them. All I can do at the moment is tell you how they smell I have no idea how they feel on my skin or anything as I haven't used any of them yet. I'm planning on my first snow fairy shower later on today so check out my twitter to see my immediate thoughts! The other two might be sitting in the box a bit longer as I don't have a bath. Well I do kind of, I have my own en suite shower room and my brothers have the house bath. Obviously there is no way they are coming into my room for a shower so I'm not really allowed in their bath hahah, I'll have to wait until I get to Andrews to try them out! Not a problem, think I have enough Lush showers gel to last for the mean ime!

Snow fairy is very sweet and I'm addicted to it. The bottle says candy floss and pare drops and I can definitely smell the pear drops, its really lovely, although if your not a fan of sweet smells, I think your going to hate it. And as for the melting snowman, the first smell I recognised when I took it out was mince pies. It smell just like a mince pie!

 For £11 (including postage) I got:

2 Small Snow Fairy Shower Gels (1 full priced for xmas)
1 Snow Fairy Magic Wand. It has a bell!!
1 Melting Snowman

You guys especially see how amazing Andrew is to me and I'd love to be able to give something amazing back to him. I've entered us into a photo competition to win a trip to Paris for valentines this year and I would really love if you could vote for us. All you have to do is like 
this photo on facebook. The couple with the most likes wins!

Thanks so much to anyone who helps us out!


  1. I should of picked up the melting snowman but i guess i will just have to wait for the review! looking forward xx

  2. cute haul! love the goodies you got! x
    following ur wonderful blog on bloglovin! :)
    - Andrea

  3. The melting snowman is soooo good! I think a good old beauty haul should be a regular thing georgina!

    Becki xox

  4. You got some amazing goodies! :)
    I wish I'd picked some of these up when I had the chance. Can't wait to read some reviews on these.


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