Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I knew today was not going to be great for me so I thought I'd wear my new super cute tee to keep my spirits high.

As you can see; I also couldn't find matching socks. My grandparents think its a fashion thing and that I do it on purpose but seriously, it is impossible to find two of the same socks when you have to fish them out of a box with millions of other socks that are all different colours and shapes.

Lucky me, I had to go to the dentist this morning to have a filling and then the opticians this afternoon to get my contact lenses sorted out as well as still having the worst cold ever, but thats all over now so I'm sat in front of the laptop in my pyjamas and thinking about what to have for dinner.. Much better!

This tee is soooo cute 
Its from 8 BIT APPAREL
who have a whole range of adorable pixelated stuff.

Do you like it?


  1. you are so beautiful. following you.

  2. I love that T.shirt!! And I always wear odd socks because like you, it is impossible to find two the same lol, I don't have patience tbh lol.

    1. Finally!! someone who understands!! hahaah

  3. You are so cute with the odd socks!

    Being a bit of a computer geek I love the t-shirt too.

    Mollie Elizabeth xoxo

    PS Your hair is gorgeous - so glossy!

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