Dinner Date & Missguided Wishlist

I've been so busy it feels like Me and Andrew haven't had a chance to go out for dinner in ages, so today, he's booked us a table at a greek resutant in gants hill. I've never heard of it before but he spotted it on TOWIE and thought it would be a nice change from out normal steakhouses or nandos.

Im thinking of wearing my new Missguided leopard midi dress and black boots. 
I love wearing midis in the winter because they are still nice bodycon dresses but they keep your legs warm and look classier because of their length.

What do you think of this outfit?

When I was buying this on Missguided, I saw soo many other things that i had to hold myself back from ordering, I think I'm becomming a Missguided addict and who can blame me, really, their prices are so reasonable and all the stock is always the height of fashion.

1. Dogtooth Midi - Yes, this is exactly the same as my leopard print one but I am so in love with the shape and dogtooth is another of my fav prints.

2. Boots - Somthing else I already have. Well,  I have the studded version which I wear nearly everyday! A plain pair would be great for thoose things that dont go with the silver of the studds.

3. Peplum Skirt - Wow! This skirt is SOO me!! I love the length and I love that the peplum is a different material to the rest of the skirt

4. Jacket - I've never had a real biker style jacket before becuase I've never seen one I like enough, this deffianly changes that.

5. Slit Dress - This is going to be great for the party season and its a beautiful colour too

6. Onesie - Who can blame a girl for wanting a onesie, really!

7. Gaga boots - This all over spike boot is perfect for clubbing and i love the look of black suede


  1. Loving the leopard print. thanks for visiting and your lovely comment :)

    Sita xx

  2. i want those boots soo much, very tempted! xxx

    1. me too how silly to have one pair studded and one not tho ]hmmmm im not suree

  3. Thanks,for the follow.^^
    Follow you back on gfc.


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