Last Night

I like doing post  like this becuase they incorperate not only what I wore but also what I did..
and to be fair last night was pretty random!
First let me show you what I was wearing. Sorry about the bad photos, it was dark (all will be explained) and it was taken on a mobile!
I've got my favouriote new coat on which kept me really warm while everyone else was cold! 

Coat - Primark / Jumper - H&M / Leggings - Primark / Converse

We thought we was going to a country pub for a fireworks display but when we got there we realiseds it was more a sales thing for people looking to buy them. They set off one firework at a time telling us the price and name. It was pretty entertaining for a while but by the time it got to firework number 50 our toes had gone numb and we left. It was only 8:30 at this point so we deicded it was time for the casino. This is one of the boys favourite places hahah 

Me & Andrew
The boys.. Who happened to all wear the same clothes hhahah
This firework is called Dr. Thrust

We made friends with a drunk guy at this table, he told me to choose a number for his five pound chip while he put his £100 chip on red. I put it on 8 which came in! I won him £180, 8 was also red winning him a futher £100... Lucky Guy!! I guess it is his birthday today!


  1. Nice hair!

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