Tights Please

These are the coolest tights ever by Henry Holland at Tights Please* Only £9.99 with free Delivery
 I love stars, they are just like punky hearts hahaha

As alwasy Henry Holland did not dissapoint, they feel so strong and sturdy, its so nice to feel like you can move without being scared that your going to ladder them stright away!
Andrew likes when I smile in photos so when I dont he starts acting stupid trying to make me laugh, that is why my photos look as they do, you may look at them and "Think she is not smiling" but I am lol for some reason I have to put huge effort into getting a normal sized smile so alot of peole think i look devastated but im not its just my face at rest...  im not a sad person :D

Anyway, this time I wanted to look sad and solom. I guess because I felt all witchy in the star tights. So if I look extra sad, that is why!

Check out their other fashion tights!

But I think they are quite cooool

While were on the subject of witchy, I wanted to show you all my cute spider necklace! It is rather cute even for someone who is scared of spiders, hes just so happy and smiley :)

He was sent to me by

and hes not the only cute little character, they site is full of them, everything is so happy and colourful

There are elephants and rainbows, clouds and trees, giraffes and whales and theres even a christmas pud! If you need cheering up or just love all things cute, I would head down there straight away!!


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