Meeting With Electric Tees

Since finding out about Electric Tees a few weeks ago I have become addicted to their amazing graphic prints and eco-friendly way of life; So eco-friendly in fact, that their clothes are made from ethically sourced, their labels are made from recycled paper and their postage bags are biodegradable

Last week Andrew & I went down to creative center on london; Shoreditch and popped in for a chat with the person behind the brand! What an amazing place to work in! Shorditch is full of creative and stylish people, its very insperational and perfect for this brand.

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Her name is 
KUBEN EDWARDS and she is 38, she is the CEO BlankSlate Inc 

When people ask you what you do for a living, what do you say?
I have the best job in the world. I run the most exciting graphic fashion label on the planet. Electric Tees!

Electric Tees is brand new. Where did the idea come from and when?
I met these guys who were totally Electric, they came up with fantastic ideas and brilliant graphics but really had no way to taking it forward. I provided a bit of a vision and we started to work together. Electric Tees was born.

Do you have a fashion background?
YES I’ve run my own my own boutique and styled many people.

What makes Electric Tees diferent to other T-shirt brands?
We are an edgy graphic tee and body brand. Our graphics are visible both front and back and hence a statement piece which should be in every women’s wardrobe. 
Try and find another label like us out there….. You won’t!!

How do you spend your time when you’re not working?
Going out for 14ks run’s and days out with the the man and kids either on a shopping trip or going catch a movie or a gig. I love having quality time with my family its incredibly rewarding and centres me as a mother and wife. However meeting up with friends for dinner and cocktails letting my hair down and dancing the nights away is super cool to

Electric tees is going to be a year old in October its amazing how far they have come, and with such an enthusiastic, driven and clever team, i can see why. You can see how much they love their product!

The brand is targeted towards any one WHO WANTS TO HAVE FUN! The life and soul of a party! Be that  musicians, DJ's, students - Anyone who WANTS TO LIVE THE LIFE ELECTRIC!  Dressing down in clubs is a lot more up to date style of club wear and highly recommended for festival wear. With shapes like bodies and bandos, it means you dont need to wear much else, these clothes are comfortable but fun and colourful enough to work, The material also breaths well which is perfect for hot clubs

Their up coming look book is totally rad with new styles and super funky graphics . I'm  excited as they are sure to empress

They are running a competiotn at the moment CLICK HERE TO SEE, if this isnt for you, they have told me there are lots more to come!!

Why do i want to wear this?
I Love wearing exectric Tees becuase they are young, fresh and fun! the material is super comfy and the bodies are perfect for clubbing with denim shorts short and trainers! The designs sit well on my body and contouring shapes show off my curves, especially the testcard body!I also love that it washed well and stays in shape!


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