Right, when i recieved this, my boyfriend was like.. ok its just a white t-shirt
Well he was soon proved wrong!! It does look like a t-shirt... until the light go outt
it glows like anything
Alot more than i was expecting.

I opened it when it arrive and had a quick read of the leaflet and stuff that came with it, then I put it on my table and went to bed. Normal right? I woke up in the middle of the night thinking aliens had invaded my room, it was sooo bright. This thing is amazing especially as alot of things only glow under UV light!

BUT!! this is no ordinary glow in the dark top, it is special! it comes with a torch which enables you to draw pictures on the top, oh my god.. sooooo much fun!!

It was extremely hard to get a good photo. These are the best I could get but I really recommend you get one and try it out for yourself! It was totally amazing and so much fun!!


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