Beauty and the Beach

Travel Supermarket are holding a competiton to showcase your holiday look, weather it be hair, make up or nail.. or all three!
I dont wear make up or do anything with my hair so it look like nails is going to be my choice!

When I go on holiday I always love to have bright nails to shine in the sun. I got myself some floursecent nail varnish this year which was perfect for the clubs of malia (where iIwent this summer) with their UV lights! 

But I didnt just leave it at that. Aztec has been big on trend this year and I thought this would be a great idea to try out as nail art! It is quite simple to do but youy need a steady hand, although it looks very intricate and very impressive!

and this is how I did it!
  1. Paint your base colour whatever you like, a bright colour is best so it shines thought
  2. With nail art blushes, paint a very think white line just before the end of the nail and then a thin white line under that leaving a gap of colour in the middle.
  3. Paint a thin black line under that alsosleaving a gap
  4. Use the black to outline the thick white line at the top
  5. Draw zig zags though the thick white paint and put dots in each triangle
  6. Paint white dots in the black line at the bottom
  7. Put a thin coloured line underneath the black one without leaving a gap
  8. Wait for it to dry and then add a top coat


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