Hi guys!!

Sorry my posts have been abit here and there and really short latley, Ive been so busy spending any time I have with the new puppy, Molly!
Last night, Me and Andrew went out for dinner, I had chicken wings ahhh my favourite and this amazing drink I get when I go there, its got blueberry juice, blackberry juice and lemonade in it and its the best place to get it!!

Anyway, It was great because it gave me a chance to wear at lease one of the new thing Ive bought becuase I havent had a chance to wear any of it yet. 
So here it is...
Skirt - Primark/ Top - ASOS/ Shoes - New Look


  1. your puppy is just precious! <3 and I love your outfit :)

    It would really mean a lot if we could follow eachother?

    1. thankyou:) she is soo cute <3
      ill chekc out your blog now! :D


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